Sunday School 4th October

Hello everyone!

Well, as Laurel & Hardy would say “Here’s another fine mess” life has got us into! No live Sunday School yet – but some of us may be able to see each other at Church for the first time next weekend! It will be fantastic to see everybody – even if we have to sit apart, and can’t sing, we will all be sharing together in praise – which is the important thing.

This week, I have chosen Elijah to look at. Mainly because the lesson was headed “courage” and I think – and plenty of people have had to fall back on their own strengths in the pandemic.

Maybe do the first 2 lessons.  We don’t often think about the woman being able to feed Elijah with only enough flour and oil for one loaf of bread – people nearly always think of another story in the bible – the “L_A_ _ S & _ I _ _ E S” episode! Any clues? The same with what happens to the boy – we often think of the L_Z_ R_ _ story first.

Elijah, like so many people God called upon in the bible really did NOT want to do what he was being asked to do – but somehow he found the courage to confront the corrupt king as God asked him to.  And we see examples if courage now – like the little boy in the news, who rang 999 and saved his Mum’s life recently, although he must have been panicking.


I hope you have a good week, and that the sun shines for you – in between the showers!

All the best,

Helen x

P.S. Here is a picture of the final height of the sunflowers….I need a ladder!