Sunday School – 26th July.

Hello all,

Well – we have made it through to the last Sunday School of the year!  It’s been a funny old time, adapting to lockdown and learning to rely on technology more and more to keep in touch with you all.

I thought that with today being the last session (and guessing you are all in ‘holiday’ mode now), I wouldn’t ask you to do an actual lesson today – but celebrate your achievements over the last month or two. There is also a small activity for you – a crossword based around you and church.

As today is about celebration, what better sound-track could there be than an upbeat song.  I hope you enjoy this….put on your sunglasses, – and pump up the volume!

Here is your crossword puzzle.  One of the clues might need you to look through Roma’s emails!

During lockdown, I suddenly came across this ‘snake’ in the woods.

– NO! Not THAT sort of snake!   It’s a snake made up of pebbles painted by children.  They all have positive messages about what we’ve been going through, and the note says thank you to people who have worked hard to help us – nurses, doctors, care workers, delivery drivers etc

I thought it would be lovely to add some stones of our own to join in.  It could be a simple “Thanks!”, or “Egerton Sunday School”, “Keep safe!” – anything you want.

If you give them to me when I next see you, I will add them to the snake for you.

Last, but not least, here is the final sunflower update of the year! Sorry if the sound is a little quiet.  I hope some of you will carry on learning about nature and how to grow things as you grow up. You will be the ones who take care of our world in the future! All I can say about the sunflowers is that chicken manure works wonders! 😂