Sunday School 21st June

Hi all,

This week, we are looking at what Moses went on to do when he was an adult. (Remember, he was a Hebrew baby, and was hidden by his mother to prevent soldiers from killing him).

Sometimes we (mistakenly) think that all the people in the bible were always ‘holy’ – yet Moses killed a man, although it was to stop another Hebrew from being beaten.  This is why he hid by living in the desert in the first place.  It wasn’t until 40 years had gone by, that God chose Moses to save many others by telling him to get the Israelites out of Egypt where they were being used as slaves.

Moses’ reaction when God tells him to lead the Israelites away from Egypt to save them is very human –  I can’t do that! They won’t listen to me! I think all of us would have the same reaction, forgetting that anything is possible if God is behind you!  He’s not alone in the Bible in reacting like this – look at Jonah, who really did NOT want to listen to what God was asking him to do, and ended up in a whale for his troubles!

I’ve attached a 5-minute animation of Moses and the burning bush for you to watch.

The bible reading is Exodus 3: 1:22 & Exodus 4: 1:18 for the snake turning into a staff

After that, I’ve attached the BES sheet to download and fill in.  Perhaps just read through Lesson Story 2, about Moses’ killing a man, then fill in the sheet for Story 3 (The Burning Bush).

Level2_B9 Moses

There’s also a ‘maze’ to try and get Moses to the burning bush to try above.

On a separate note, I thought you might like to see how your sunflowers are doing! They are much happier out in the garden!   I think they might shortly turn into water lilies, given the rain! There is a video attached with Lucy making a guest appearance!

Have a good week!

Helen x