Sunday School 14th June








Hello everyone,

Today we are going to look at the parable of the lost son and do a little activity for Father’s day next Sunday.

First, here is a video for you to watch on the parable of the lost son

The Lost Son

You can have a go at reading the passage from the bible:
Luke 15:11-24, The Parable of The Lost Son

Dads are many things. They are providers, teachers, mentors, spiritual leaders, coaches, and even playmates. But a Dad’s most important job is modelling the love of God to his children. We should love our Dads, knowing that they can show us how much God loves us.

The £5 Note
I was going through my wallet this morning looking for money and I came across this old £5 note. It’s pretty old and worn out. It’s really faded too. Looks like it’s crinkled and worn around the edges. It’s certainly seen better days. I was thinking about just throwing it out, but before I do, I wonder… would any of you like it?
Of course you would! We’d all love to have a £5 note because they have value! A worn out, torn up, crumpled £5 like this is just as valuable as a crisp, fresh from the mint, brand new £5. They never lose their value, and they are always a welcome sight.
That’s the way it is with God. God never sees us as old or worn out or too far gone. God made us and he loves every one of us.
A good godly father sees his children the same way. You will always be able to come home because a godly father loves his children unconditionally.
Be sure to let your father know how much you love him. And tell your Heavenly Father as well, thanking him for the example we have in fathers who love Jesus.

Make a coupon book for your Dad
Make a little book with some paper – we have put ‘The greatest gift I ever had came from God; I call him Dad!’ on the front of ours.
On each page of the book, put a different task you can help your dad with. For example, mowing the lawn, washing the car, watching football together, any other activities that your dad would like.
Bryony and Rowan have done a little video to show you.


Have a lovely week everyone,
Love from Ruth, Dale, Bryony and Rowan x