Sunday School, 11th October.









Hi everyone sorry it’s a little late.

Well ,some of us are doing Sunday school at home and some of us were able to get back to church for the first time since March. It certainly is different but it was lovely to see half of the congregations faces (the other half is covered in face masks!).

Whichever way you choose, I think it’s still nice to support our learning via the online Sunday school as we can’t easily communicate in church at the moment.

I am really amazed at Helen’s sunflowers (see last week’s Sunday school lesson) & they got me  thinking about the wonder of plants & God. They are such beautiful autumnal flowers & have huge heads. Haven’t Helen’s grown tall!  I think she must feed them daily & talked to them lots. Hopefully the seed heads will provide lots of lovely food for the birds over winter & maybe more sunflower seeds for new plants next year. Often sunflowers are the last bright flowers in the autumn garden. They certainly provide you with sunshine on a cloudy day!
So I’m linking this week’s lesson with sunflowers & hoping you can make some to brighten your day.
“The grass withers and the flowers fade but the word of God stays forever” . Isaiah 40.8.

level 2 B5 The parables section 4 the Sower

B5 the Parables section 4 the Sower.

Then maybe when you have completed the worksheet you could make a sunflower & make each petal represent a different thing which you are thankful for or can grow with Jesus. You will need scissors, paper, glue, tape, marker & a stick. Here’s one prepared earlier by some lovely American children!  I think we can do better.

Have a great week & take care.