Children’s Activity

Hi, all.
When is a competition not a competition? When there’s no prize…
So this is an activity rather than a competition – but all entries have a chance of being posted on the brand new North Western Synod website when it goes live in a few weeks’ time so get this out to the children and young people in your groups. Please publicise this around your networks.
The challenge
Attached is a picture of the URC cross. But it’s not very colourful. What can you do to make it stand out more? It could be coloured in, filled in with glitter, wool, pasta, sand… I’m not the most creative person and I’ve already run out of ideas but I bet the children/young people you work with haven’t!
Take a photo of the finished artwork and email it back to me at
God bless

NWS Colouring Sheet – URC Cross