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Wednesday evening, 22nd July, saw me yanking my suitcase off the train and adjusting my lap top case which had wrapped itself around my neck, while balancing my handbag in my other hand.  Yes – I was all set for the ‘How to set up a Church website’ course at the Windermere Centre.

Walking through the front door brought back many happy memories of earlier visits to the Centre – Rev. Bob Good and Barbara welcoming us at the front door – both wearing matching red woolly jumpers, Early Bird Walks, Windermere Talent nights and Fury Midnight Feasts.  This time I was welcomed by new faces – a group of very ‘Crafty Ladies’ were here on a course doing patchwork, embroidery, lace and button making.  As I hadn’t even brought my knitting with me I was very glad when Rebecca, my tutor (pictured), introduced herself and after the evening meal we adjourned to the relative peace and tranquillity of the library.

The first few sessions went well.  I sat back and watched a tutorial on how to set up a website.  I listened to Rebecca explain what to do and I hung eagerly on her every word.  Then before I knew it we were approaching day two and I had to do some work on my own.  Suddenly everything I’d heard and the notes I’d made counted for nothing.  I was left with an empty slide bar, a dashboard that I didn’t know what to do with and posts pointing nowhere.

Under Rebecca’s patient guidance it wasn’t long before I had made a start and just like building with leggo bricks, we began to publish pages on the newly formed Egerton United Reformed Church website.  It was hard work but when everything finally looked how I wanted, I felt very excited and relieved and even if I forget what I’ve learned so far, I  have tutorials to practise at home.

Now the course is coming to a close and I’ve had a wonderful and very worthwhile three days here.  Thank you to Rebecca Gudgeon, my tutor, staff at the Windermere Centre and especially to everyone at Egerton URC for their financial support.  I hope you enjoy visiting the website and I hope as time goes on I’ll be able to add more information and links for you to read.

Your (very new) Webmaster


PS  If you know what a widget is then can you let me know – I haven’t learned that yet!


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