Sunday School, 7th June.

Hi everyone,

This week I thought we would look at the Pentecost & its meaning. Take a look at this great clip first to help understand the term.

Pentecost Bible Story clip

I thought it would be great to think about the 5 symbols of Pentecost. In the clip they mentioned 2 of them. See if you know any?.

Wind:- Represents God’s first breath of love. A driving wind surrounded the Apostles which represents the gusting wind which strengthens & challenges those on their journey of faith.

Fire:- Represents the Holy spirit. I’m sure you all remember Helen & the fire last year!.

Red:- Colour of the clothing. We often wear red on this day to celebrate in church.

Water:- depicts new life.

Doves:- shows the Holy spirit that came down like a dove.

So if you would all like to read the bible passage its (click link) Acts 2.1-21.

Finally, a great craft activity that we loved, is making Wind spirals.

Wind spiral demo clips

Clip 1

Clip 2

Remember this shows God’s love as you watch all the beautiful colours swaying in the wind.

Have fun making them. We would love to see what you come up with. Here’s Grace & Daniels wind spirals.

Take care & we hope you enjoy your week .

Jane, Grace & Daniel. xx