Sunday School, 3rd May

Hello all! This week we are looking at Moses – specifically his birth, and how he survived, thanks to a very quick-thinking mother! We still talk about “Moses baskets’ today – and you might well have slept in one as a baby – ask your parents!

Here is a video introduction. Perhaps you know the real name for what we all call ‘bulrushes’.

I’ve attached a lesson from B.E.S. for you to complete – (just the first 2 pages on why Moses had to be hidden from the pharaoh) – we’ll look at what he did when he grew up another time!

And finally, a craft activity for you. I thought this little Moses basket looked fun to make – and it doesn’t need many materials. The key is to fold and cut it accurately – I might cheat, and use staples rather than glue – or both – until it’s set!

You tube Moses basket

Level2_B9 Moses

Hope you are well, and keeping yourselves busy!

Helen x