Sunday School 26th April

Hello all!

Here is a short video ( from me about this week’s Sunday school. There is a PDF file attached from B.E.S. with today’s lesson – Jesus’ parable of the ‘sower’.

Many of you are probably growing seeds at the moment to put in the garden. They need to have just the right things to grow well – enough moisture – (but not too much!), enough heat– (but not too much!) and when they have popped up – enough light. We humans are just like the seeds – we might all hear the word of God, but sometimes it is drowned out by the other things in life that we think are more important. I hope, like the corn, that we all have “ears to hear”!

Here is a very simple science experiment. Ever thought you could bring a drawing to life? Well – you CAN! I tried this, and it worked! But – you must use a “DryWipe” pen like the one in the picture for it to work properly….


Bring your stick man to life!




Last, but not least, here are some unusual pictures I have seen on my travels – how about you?Helen x