Sunday School 24th May

Hello kids,

Hope you have been fine this week. Lots of talk on the news about going back to school/not going back to school! We will have to see what happens in Bolton!

This week, I’m tackling something different. The subject of this lesson is “STUFF” – yes – “STUFF”!

Another name for wanting ‘STUFF’ we don’t actually need, is ‘materialism’. I’ve attached a funny playlet I came across online for some of the older ones to act out…


What you and I have probably found out as a result of lockdown, is that the things we miss are not what we expected. I thought I’d miss shopping – but what I REALLY miss is being able to give my children and friends an actual hug (although my sock supply is getting dangerously low!) One day soon though…..

The bible reading is from Matthew 6:19-34 OR Matthew 19.16-30.

Jesus talks to a ‘rich, young man’ who wants to make sure he gets into heaven. He thinks he has done everything he should – but Jesus says it is very difficult to get into heaven if you value the wrong things in life – in this case, money above everything else. He says it is harder for a rich person to get into heaven, “than for a camel to go through the eye of a needle”!

On that subject, we’ve going to give the adults a puzzle. Like the rich young man, you are going ask them to do what seems to be impossible task – but only YOU will know the answer!

You are going to give them a sheet of paper and some scissors, and ask them to ‘cut a hole in the piece of paper which is large enough for them to step through!’

You will need:-

An A4 sheet of paper,
Some scissors
A ruler (to mark out lines to cut if you find it hard to cut straight).

They will think about it for hours!

(see the answer here:- Puzzle answer – FOR CHILDREN ONLY) TIP: Be careful NOT to cut the first crease at each end! Good luck! Maybe best to practice it before you show them, so you know what to do..

PLEASE don’t open the ‘Puzzle answer’ grown-ups!

Have a good week and hope it’s sunny so you can play outside!

Helen x