Sunday School 17th May

Hello everyone.

I’ve attached an update on your sunflowers so you can see how they’re doing. The race is on!

Sunflowers – How they Grow!

This week’s topic is another parable – “The Good Samaritan”, and includes a video updating the story to a town centre in the UK – filmed before Coronavirus, hence it was ok to walk up to people at that point!

Modern Day Good Samaritan

I expect all of you have seen people helping neighbours recently in lots of different ways. I had only just moved in to my new house when the pandemic hit, but my neighbours were very thoughtful and offered to share a food delivery order as I was stuck at home – even though they didn’t know me.

We often judge people before we decide if we will help them, but how great must the woman feel who saw beyond the man’s appearance to someone who just needed a little help?

The worksheet is the same one you looked at when we did the parable of the sower – but this time it is the first lesson on the sheet, as this covers the Samaritan story. I’ve re-attached it in case…


The craft activity this week comes direct from the U.R.C. Church. They are running a competition for the best decorated cross. Be inventive about what you decorate it with – you could use bits of material or pictures cut out of magazines of people’s faces, or petals and leaves – see what you can think of! Quite like the idea of faces!

NWS Colouring Sheet – URC Cross

Hope you are all well – and safe – until we meet again!

Helen x