Sunday School 12th April

Sunday lesson for the children (or grown ups)

Hello everyone.  Here’s this week’s lesson – it’s a special weekend with it being Easter!   I seem to have ended up on my own with the Easter Eggs  had bought for everyone else – oh dear! What shall I do? 😂

Jesus is Risen (from C of E)

There’s a (longish) cartoon, which although it has a serious message, has a few funny moments!

Why do you think Pilate washed his hands in the story? ( We have to wash our hands a lot today – but this time, it’s to help keep us all safe.)

Hope you enjoy the upbeat music again.  Do any of the activities and crafts you fancy.  Do you remember the brilliant garden of Gethsemane that you made at Church awhile back with grass, twigs, and I think – a flowerpot?

If you want to make something Easter-themed, here is a nice idea using an egg carton (if you have one)!  I wouldn’t bother waiting overnight for them to dry – I think she used proper shiny paint, but acrylic would dry fairly quick, so you can add eyes (googly eyes, buttons, bits of paper – or just a black felt-tip pen!)

If you haven’t got pipe cleaners for the feathers on their heads – improvise!  You might have feathers in the garden or in the bedroom from your duvet – BUT DON’T CUT IT OPEN!   See what you can think to use.

Egg carton chicks

In case you are STILL bored – here’s some interactive great games and quizzes from Blue Peter!  I am loving those chick biscuits – and I hate to admit it, but I can’t find the Easter Bunny in the chicks – must be a way of looking at it!

Blue Peter Easter Games

All the best,

Helen X