Remembrance Sunday

Lest we forget

The Men of Egerton Who gave their lives for us

The  Great  War

H.Ainsworth ;   Nov 10th 1917      Aged 20

F.Davis;             Sept 23rd 1918     Aged 20

H.Greenhalgh   Mar  6th  1918      Aged 23

R.Hodgson;       Nov  4th   1918     Aged 37

R.Hornby;         Oct 28th  1918      unknown

W.Partington;     known  unto god

H.Speak;            known unto god

Second  World  War

J.Halliday;    Jul   5th    1944       Aged  22

J.Herd ;         Jan 12th   1944       Aged 28

N.Kenny;       Feb   8th   1945       Aged 30

W.E.Rigby;     known unto god

All men and women who have  died for our freedom in these and all conflicts since.

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