Reflection for 26 April 2020

Talking Heads tell us “we’re on a road to nowhere” in their 1985 hit. It may well feel like that during this time of lockdown. But still we can travel whether through the power of technology or those able to take daily walks. We can think back to favourite holidays and remember our time on the beach, or in the countryside.
Our reading for Sunday is the Road to Emmaus. The 2 travellers are walking away from Jerusalem following the events of Good Friday and afterwards. They are confused and disappointed that the fulfilment of prophecy they were promised had not happened. Amidst their confusion they are joined by, to them, a random stranger. The stranger walks with them and talks with them about the events in Jerusalem. On seeming to go further, the stranger is asked to stay for a meal.
Only when the stranger breaks bread do they realise it is Jesus. Their hearts are warmed on their journey and they recognise Jesus in the act of breaking bread before he goes, leaving them with hope.
We are in a situation where we are separated from loved ones and unable to go out and share with family and friends. Yet Jesus is still alongside us, whether on our daily walks or sitting in our armchairs. When we share worship on Zoom or on television, or on the internet, or reading our Bible, Jesus is in our midst as we sing our praise and offer our prayers.
Whatever we face over the coming days and weeks, however isolated we may feel in our homes, we are never alone. Jesus promises to be with us always – a promise he keeps today and every day.
Keep well. Keep safe.
Rev Ruth