Red Lane Asylum seeker and house of commons petition

From: Jacky Embrey
Sent: 11 March 2021 15:02
Subject: Red Lane Asylum seeker and house of commons petition

Dear all,

 You have probably heard on the news about some of the difficulties Asylum Seekers have been having during the pandemic. You may know that they are forbidden from working whilst their applications are being considered, so most find life very difficult at any time. A formal petition has been started to the government to consider granting citizenship to those who have been in the UK for seven years, so long as they have no convictions during that time. It needs 10,000 signatures before the government will respond and 100,000 before a debate is considered.

Red Lane URC are supporting a family who would be eligible if this were to become law and are asking if you will consider encouraging folk to sign it electronically. You can see more information and sign up at  Grant citizenship to asylum seekers living in the UK for more than 7 years – Petitions (




Revd Jacky Embrey

Bolton & Salford Missional Partnership (URC)

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