Defib and Basic Life Support Training


At Egerton URC we are committed to health and safety and in line with this we have purchased an AED (Automatic External Defibrillator) positioned on the outside wall available 24/7 to all who may need it. We hold regular training courses for all wishing to take part and aimed at dispelling myths around attempting CPR, including fear of causing further harm to the patient, fear of the equipment, fear of litigation, lack of knowledge, and more…
It is worth noting this quote from the UK Resuscitation Council Guidelines 2015 as some people mistakenly think resuscitation and defibrillation should not be attempted without training.

We have already seen that the crucial factor in the resuscitation of someone from VF is to provide a shock from an AED with the minimum of delay. Time should not be wasted if trained staff are not immediately available. Untrained people have used the devices successfully to save life and lack of training (or recent refresher training) should not be a barrier. Provided someone is prepared to use the AED they should not be inhibited from doing so.
UK Resuscitation Council Guidelines 2015

Over the few years since obtaining our defibrillator it has been great to have different people from our community and those who use our church including the head teacher and staff from our local primary school with whom we enjoy very close links, a slimming group, the mums and toddler group and church members. Some had never had CPR training and for others it was a refresher. That’s fine. All welcome.
So, thank you and well done to all those who have attended the training and thank you to Dave Cook from the North West Mountain Rescue Team. Dave gives his expertise and time freely and donations can be made towards the sterling work of the Bolton Mountain Rescue Team. Hopefully, our resus knowledge and skills will never be needed to be put into action but if so at least we should be better equipped than before!