Advent Sunday School

Well hello there children! Long time, no Sunday School methinks!

It is, believe it or not, the first week of advent this Sunday! 

Advent comes from the Latin word “adventus”, which means ‘coming’ or ‘arrival’, in our case, of Jesus’ birth.

Never, I suspect, have SO many people looked forward to Christmas, as they have this year! There is a feeling in the air of excitement and expectation.  Everyone, no matter what their belief, is excited at the hope this Christmas brings – of seeing some of the people they love again.  I wonder if the three kings felt like this – setting out on their camels to find the son of God at the end if their long journey?

Here is a short video on what advent really is all about…please skip the adverts!

The BEST ever Christmas present!

When I was in primary school, like some of you, I played the recorder.  After a year or so, my teacher suggested I might want to try playing a ‘Tenor’ recorder – a much bigger instrument which made a lovely, deep sound. I asked my Mum and Dad if they’d  buy me one for Christmas.  

I was absolutely desperate to find out if they’d bought me one or not! I looked everywhere to see if I could find where they’d hidden it.  Because of the anticipation, that present has stuck in my mind as the best Christmas present I have ever had! I’m sure you will remember one present that has really stuck out for you.  As with Advent, it was the waiting and hoping that made it so special.

I hope you all feel that same excitement as we head towards Christmas, and Jesus’ birthday!

Here is a BBC quiz to see what you really know about advent!

Have a good week!